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Decorative image: Cardiff Millennium Centre

Welcome to IPS 2024

The XXVth International Visual Field and Imaging Symposium

We are delighted to welcome you to the Imaging and Perimetry Society (IPS) XXVth International Imaging and Visual Field Symposium in Cardiff, UK. We are especially excited to host this milestone meeting in a city that has longstanding associations with perimetry and imaging research. We invite researchers, clinicians, and trainees from across the world to share research, learn from each other, and forge fruitful collaborations for the advancement of scientific understanding and for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Local Organising Committee

The XXVth International Visual Field and Imaging Symposium is organised by a Local Organising Committee based in Cardiff with support from academics in imaging and visual field research from across the UK

IPS 2024 is being organised on behalf of the Imaging and Perimetric Society (IPS). If you would like to read more about the mission and activities of the IPS, please visit their website at

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